Monday, October 11, 2010

Map Packs

One thing that comes out that each game has is the map packs.  Most of us I'm sure have shoveled out the cash for a few extra maps the make the game feel like new.

However are any of them worth it?

Well first of all there are three map packs for cod WaW.  Each one comes with three multiplayer maps and a nazi zombie map, for the cost of ten dollars per pack.  All together that 10/4 or 2.50 per map.  Now when you play WaW online you have to have to have these packs or you more than likely will be kicked out of the lobby because there is no choice to take the maps out of the rotation.  So unless you have the packs good luck playing with your friends.  A problem with the maps though is that they are generally the same round around in a big circle kind of map.  However the nazi zombie maps more than make up for.  Each one adds new features to the previous, such as perks, teleporters, and zombie dogs, each in a new horrifying setting.  Also if your an achievement/trophy hunter like me.  You'll have to buy the last two in order to get the completion.  After the release of Modern Warfare 2 a deal was released where you can buy the three packs together with a five dollar discount.

Modern Warfare 2 has also released a couple of map packs.  These two map packs have the reputation as the most expensive map packs ever released at a whopping fifteen dollars each.  So are they worth it?  Well in each map pack you are getting three all new maps and two from the award winning call of duty 4.  So again if you do the math you're paying about three dollars a map.  In my opinion you really don't need the maps.  Some of them were pretty good, but I would still rather play on the maps such as terminal and afghan.  Also you don't need the maps to play.  If you are playing with your friends and you don't have the maps, but everyone else does there's no worries the game purposely leaves the maps out of the rotation so you can keep playing happily together.  All in all unless your looking for something new there is no need to buy these packs.

So this is my opinion on the maps please feel free to leave your input.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guns (Sniper)

The first subject I'd like to talk about its the most important the guns.  However that's much too broad for one post.  So lets start with oh I dunno the always fun sniper rifle.

Personally I like the snipers from cod WaW much better.  Mainly because you can remove the scope and you have a much smaller window to hit or you will miss and possibly get your shit rocked, thus making the game all that harder.

MW2 snipers almost seem to fire two bullets at once.  In many killcams I have see the guns fire two bullets at a target thus killing him.  The fact that you can't have the gun without a scope seems like it could be a dissapointment, however with all the attachment you're sure to find something that you like.

Anyway we all know all snipers can't compare to the MP40 :P

Feel free to leave your thought and comments :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The beginning

This is the start of the blog that will try to help answer the great debate of MW2 vs. WaW.  In this I will try to be as unbiased as I can on both sides taking in points I have seen from across the web.  I own and play both games so I have a good understanding of both of their good and poor qualities.